Sata orders DPP to prosecute HH, talks about Mumba’s hair

Sata orders DPP to prosecute HH, talks about Mumba’s hair

hhdressPresident Michael Sata has asked Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito to  prosecute opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema for the alleged diversion of funds realised from the privatisation of parastatal companies to personal gains.

And  Sata says it is funny how MMD president Nevers Mumba is claiming to be  taking care of the party when he cannot take care of his hair.

He  wondered how Dr Mumba can take care of the people of Zambia when he can not take care  of his own hair.

He has also accused Dr Mumba of duping his church of  resources.

On Hichilema, Sata said the UPND leader was entrusted with the responsibility of privatising parastatal companies during the second regime but allegedly diverted the monies that was realised for personal gains instead of saving it in government coffers.

Sata was speaking today at State House when he swore in Mpongwe Member of Parliament (MP) Gabriel Namulambe as Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister, Sinjembela MP Njeulu Poniso as Information and Broadcasting Deputy Minister and Kalabo MP Chinga Miyutu as Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport.

He said he does not care whether Hichilema calls him a dictator because he has passed through the right channel to become republican President.

Sata said he has been a counsellor, Member of Parliament (MP) and Minister before while Hichilema has never been elected to any of these positions.

Sata also alleged that the opposition UPND has had no leader since the death of the founding party president, the late Anderson Mazoka as the party has never gone for a convention since its formation.

The open directives by president Sata to the DPP is a clear violation of the republican constitution which gives power to the judiciary and DPP independence to operate without directives from any other wing of government, including the executive.

Among the points raised by the opposition parties to the Commonwealth is the judicial interference by the president.

He denounced  Hichilema‘s recent allegations that the Patriotic Front has 77 Cabinet ministers. They are now 80

With the latest appointments, Sata’s expenditure on his government ministers alone compared to that of MMD is estimated as follows.

75,117,124 Salary
26,382,673 Special allowance
26,680,000 Utility allowance
128,179,797 x 24 = ZK3,076,315,128
Deputy Ministers:
70,953,196 Salary
24,107,904 Special allowance
26,680,000 Utility allowance
121,741,100 x 43 = ZK5,234,867,300


Total expenditure:
K 8,311,182,428

Source of Raw Data: The Amended Presidential Emolument Bill No. 18 of 2008


Cabinet Minister:
149, 938,472 Salary
38,380,194 Special allowance
38,812,730 Utility allowance
227,131,396 x 20 = ZK4,542,627,920.
Deputy Minister:
141,626,993 Salary
35,070,974 Special allowance
38,812,730 Utility allowance
215,510,697 x 53 = K11,422,066,941


Total expenditure:

Main Source of Raw Data: Statutory Instrument No. 18 of 2012: The Ministerial
and Parliamentary Offices Emoluments (Amendment) Regulations, 2012.


The salaries, special allowances and utility allowances attaching to Deputy Ministers in government ministries also apply to Provincial Deputy Ministers.

There are may be additional variations. For example where ministers hold two offices, we have assumed they are only paid once.

The calculations are based on the value of the Zambian Kwacha (K) before the introduction of the rebased currency.

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