Sata orders FRA to offload GBM’s trucks

President Michael Sata has now instructed the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) to stop dealing with Arizona, a transport company owned by former Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba.

Arizona Transport has reportedly been told by FRA that they have been instructed not to load Arizona trucks. FRA has also been instructed to offload the Arizona trucks that are already loaded.

According to sources, Arizona is a registered transporter for FRA and has outstanding orders. One source says Arizona may opt to sue for loss of business.

‘This type of politics is sick. GBM has had such punishment before and survived. He will still survive, to all those who know him. Unfortunately, it will be the taxpayer’s money,’ said one source.

The source further said that ‘GBM made his money way before PF was formed and he is not like others who have become so rich in the last 2 years. ‘If Zambians asked all ministers and permanent secretaries to disclose how much they had before forming government and now, Zambians will see how others have become rich overnight.

‘GBM survived under Chiluba, Mwanawasa, Rupiah Banda and he will still survive Sata’s manoeuvres.’

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