Sata orders his supporters to sleep at polling stations on Tuesday

Patriotic Front (PF) presidential candidate Michael Sata has told his supporters to get up early, vote and sleep at polling station to guard the ballots against what he called the marauding vote riggers president Rupiah Banda has deployed in 35 different locations across the country.

Addressing a rally at Mandevu Grounds in Lusaka yesterday, Sata said PF supports must sleep at the polling stations, vote early and remain there until votes counts were counted because no one is ready anymore to tolerate vote manipulation.

Sata said president Banda and a gang of crooks such as Dora Siliya have been telling stinking lies about him but he would not descend to their level because he knew their low moral standing very well.

Sata also introduced some of his children and dispelled assertions by the MMD that he would abolish antiretroviral drugs evict old people from towns and legalise same sex marriages as a load of rubbish from the uncultured gang of criminals in the MMD.


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