Sata orders Justice Minister to publish Zamtel report and give Libya a copy

 President Michael Sata has directed Justice minister Sebastian Zulu  to release the Zamtel Report to the public immediately to protect public interest and curb what he called ‘blatant lies from shameless detractors.’

President Sata says the Commission of Inquiry that he constituted to probe the sale of Zamtel came out with brilliantly documented submissions.

“Since we have not released the Report to the public, our detractors and perpetrators of crimes against Zambia and its citizens have had a field day, regrettably supported by some sections of the media and opposition political party leaders who for strange reasons have axes to grind against the Patriotic Front Government,” President Sata says.

“To protect public interest and to insulate our people against blatant lies I direct that we release the Report with due immediacy. Arrange to furnish all foreign missions in Zambia with the Report. And most importantly, let the Ministry of Foreign Affairs send a copy to the Libyan Government using the fastest route.”

The Head of State has assured minister Zulu that Finance minister Alexander  Chikwanda stands ready to aid the process should any financial needs involved in this exercise go beyond the Ministry of Justice’s allocation.

This is contained in a State house statement signed by the President’s Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations, George Chellah, Sartuday.

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