Sata orders OP to block ZWD on MTN as well

Today (Wednesday) after you published MAIKO ZULU’s endorsement of MTN, Dictator Michael Sata was very angry. He dispatched OP to MTN to make sure Zambian Watchdog is blocked even on MTN at all costs.
OP went in full force intimidating the MTN management and issuing all sorts of threats. They made the management sign a confidentiality document and made them to swear never to disclose their operations.
They are still at MTN trying to block the internet service as I’m writing this article right now. However, they are still failing because the MTN system is more sophisticated for the OP and the Chinese they are using.
In Airtel, they are working with one Michael Nketani to block watchdog and listen in to people’s phone calls. They have a fibre optic cable from Airtel switch to OP and DEC so that they can listen in to phone calls and monitor internet usage and people’s Emails. They have now become more vicious more especially that they know their sponsors the Americans will not complain because the Americans are doing the same things to their citizens.
 Name withheld

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