Sata orders police hunt for HH, plan to search his home

Sata orders police hunt for HH, plan to search his home

Police in Lusaka, on directives from ailing dictator Michael Sata have summoned UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for questioning on an unknown issus.

Sources within the police sources have disclosed that president Sata has ordered them to bring the UPND leader to book and charge him for an unknown offences.

UPND lawyers have also confirmed that they have received call-outs from the police to take their client to police but have told them that he was currently not around.

Mr. Hichilema’s lawyers have since told the police that their client can only be available for questioning on Monday.

Mr. Hichilema is currently facing many other charges in various courts and it is so for not clear whether the current summoning is to do with the letter he wrote to Mr. Sata advising him to tone down on the wrangles with traditional leaders.

Others also suspect the questioning is part of the wider scheme to further cause confusion in the country and later impose a state of emergency rule in Zambia like was the case during the UNIP days.

Earlier, police sources said they had mobilized themselves to storm the opposition UPND Leader Mr. Hichilema’s Kabulonga residence to conduct a search for the unknown material.

Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) officials this week told the Zambianwatchdog that they had been instructed together with Zambia Security services officials to plant and frame political opponents with seditious materials and drugs as a way of implementing the opposition and Jounalists arrests scheme.

However, UPND Lawyers have gone to the Police to find out why they were looking for their client and for what reason or offence.

Meanwhile, hundreds of UPND suporters and sympathizers are thronging to the opposition Leader’s residence to offer protection and suport.

A check outside Mr. Hichilema’s residence found hundreds of UPND cadres who are determined to protect their leader at whatever cost in what some say the situation may aggravate should Police use force as UPND Party.

President Sata has waged a clamp down on opposition and media practitioners, as well as strong Civil Society Organizations for holding a view different from that of the ruling Party.

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