Sata overrules Lubinda, tells Zambians abroad to go back home

Sata overrules Lubinda, tells Zambians abroad to go back home

Poor Lubinda. what is he going next time he goes out?

President Michael Sata has called on Zambians living in Botswana to return home and help develop the country.

This is in sharp contrast to his directive by foreign Affairs minister who told Zambians in Botswana and elsewhere in the Dispora to stay there.
This is just one of the numerous  inconsistencies in the PF government.
President Sata says if Zambians do not return to work and develop the country, other foreign nationals will be employed to help develop the country because the process is not going to wait for anyone.

He said Zambia has educated a lot of her people who have left the country to work and develop other countries instead of their own.

The President was speaking last evening in Gaborone, Botswana when he met Zambians living in Botswana.

He said Zambia had trained a lot of doctors, nurses, teachers and other professionals who, unfortunately, had not contributed to the welfare of their own country.

President Sata urged the Zambians to return home and contribute towards the development of the country adding that Zambia needed all the ideas it could get in order to enhance development.

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