‘Sata panicking over GBM’

Our President Sata is panicking over GBM’s resignation. He has been calling some of us, including some ministers and MPs, who he suspects to be loyal to GBM that we should leave if we want. President Sata is trying all formulas to discredit GBM’s resignation which has received enormous support from Zambians across party and tribal lines. In the same fashion that he used Chikwelete, Davies Mwila and others to carry out protests against Wynter, he is now using the same old tricks to hire megaphones to speak ill of GBM. There will be people in PF that he is going to parade to insult GBM and accuse him of all sorts of things but bazalema because GBM siali eka. There are many members in government and the party who are not happy.

Wynter Kabimba and his cohorts, including the Post Newspaper are pushing an agenda to have GBM expelled from PF. They have written President Sata demanding that GBM’s is expelled from the PF in what they have termed as “bringing the Party and the Presidency into Disrepute”.
Sata knows what GBM is capable of doing and Kasama Central begin the end of PF in Northern Province and countrywide. To win Kasama Central, GBM does not need Sata, PF or any other Party. GBM is Kasama’s favourite son, politically. He will humiliate PF and all the State Machinery on any given day. Kasama has been celebrating since the day GBM announced his resignation and the same goes for Luapula. There are PF structures ready to go with GBM not just in Northern Province.

Those of us in PF are hoping President Sata can find wisdom on this matter otherwise it will be difficulty for the party. This will put a lot of pressure on him as President and he does not need that. But if they bring an expulsion, we will encourage GBM to recontest Kasama Central and the consequences of that on PF’s behalf will spread to other parts of the country.

As of yesterday, Sata has ferried 4 people from Kasama to lusaka to come and denounce GBM. They have statements written for them by George Chellah which will be taken to various media houses, including the Post Newspaper. They also want to tell lies that GBM has declared war over the chitimukulu issue. These were flown in for this purpose. They also came with a copy of the meeting GBM had in Kasama with Chitimukulu and it was delivered to President Sata this morning by George Chellah.


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