Sata, PF angrily react to constitution pressure

The PF government has angrily reacted to the calls by church mother bodies and civil society organisation to release the copies of the first draft constitution.  Government has hijacked the constitution making process contrary to the terms of reference and Sata’s own commitment to allow the technical committee to release the constitution simultaneously to government and the people.

In a statement released by his spokesperson George Chellah, Sata accused the church and other constitution advocates of wanting to embarrass his legitimately elected government.

“The calls by the organizations to have the constitution released are aimed at embarrassing the government and making it look irresponsible by the masses who elected the PF government,” reads the statement which was engineered by the cartel as Sata is too unwell to respond to such matters.

And former Ifyabukaya radio drama presenter and information minister Mwansa Kapeya has castigated some media houses for not reporting objectively. “I would like to urge fellow media practitioners to be professional and avoid abusing certain facilities like the ON THE LINE (for online) media, in apparent reference to the Zambian Watchdog,” said Kapeya in his usual comedian style.

We wonder who Kapeya was referring to as ‘fellow journalists’ because he is not a journalist. In fact, the form five results he used to get a job at ZNBC were forged. This is common knowledge among ZNBC senior staff.

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