Sata pleads with China to re-establish Zambia airways, says China does not interfere in Zambia

President Michael Sata, a fierce critic of Chinese investment in Zambia for 10 years, has now u-turned and called on Chinese investors to help Zambia re-establish a national airline.

Speaking during a bilateral meeting with Chinese Premier Le Kequiang at the People’s Hall  in Beijing, President Sata commended China for its contribution to Zambia’s development.

“I have come here to thank China for helping Zambia to develop. The Chinese have done tremendous things in Zambia,” Mr Sata said.

“Apart from building Tazara (Tanzania Zambia Railway), the Chinese are also doing many other great things. I would, therefore, like you to come and help us to re-establish Zambia Airways,” he said.

He urged Chinese investors to come to Zambia and explore other investment opportunities, including fisheries.
Earlier, President Sata thanked China for helping Zambia to open a route to the sea through the construction of Tazara.

“When Zambia was properly landlocked, China opened us to the sea through Tazara and since then, China has been very helpful,” the President said during a meeting with the chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Yu Zhengsheng.

He noted that Zambia and China have a lot in common, such as unemployment and that they could work jointly towards reducing it.

The President also commended Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Zhou Yuxiao for not interfering with Zambia’s internal affairs.

“You have a very intelligent ambassador in Zambia who does not interfere in our internal affairs,” he said.

The President was accompanied by Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda, Foreign Affairs Minister Effron Lungu, Commerce minister Emmanuel Chenda and Communications minister Christopher Yaluma.

Others are Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister Yamfwa Mukanga, Tourism and Arts Deputy Minister David Phiri, Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska and other Government officials.


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    Advocate 5 years

    i dont understant him any more first he is surrounded with people who are calling on Chinesse investors ,saying that ‘if you want t make money come to Zambia’ at Zambia is one f the countries without exchange controls,they are busy promoting free capital
    flows on the peril of Zambians making the cost of doing business of the local small medium enterpreses so high. When these guys come and use up our resources without paying anything at the end. this is all bushit at the moment in Zambia we dont have any potential patriotic politician to rescque us.

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    Ur plain was 2 chase chinese, now ur pleading 2 them. why chinese again?

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    'e' the independent f(x) 5 years

    this is like an old man who fights to be married to a young beautiful lady. after the marriage, he finds out that he ain’t able to either satisfy her or make her pregnant. then he resorts to begging outsiders to do the job for him. very sad!

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    I AM ZAMBIAN 5 years

    This man has neither values nor principles

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    DK PLANET 5 years

    I thought sata is very sick and dying any Time according to some media reports. May God help us liers!!!!!!!

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    Lm 5 years

    When was Tazara constructed?

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    Dont kubeba!

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    1 Land and 1 Nation is our cry 5 years

    This simply show that our man has no principals.

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    Kakwata Aniche 5 years

    Let him apologies to China first before they can help him resurrect Zambia Airways. Oh maybe I am behind did he apologise for the strong insults hurled on China during those hot campaigns.

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    Fougarcon 5 years

    And how exactly is China supposed to help with this ? Supply us with some of those gonga airplanes that they have given to ZAF.