Sata preaches ‘love’?

President Michael Sata has urged Zambians to show unconditional love to one another and move away from vices that have the potential to destroy the nation.

In his Easter Message,President Sata said Easter is an essential feast on the Christian Calendar, therefore, Christians need to reflect deeply on how they can relate with one another in conformity with the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The message was distributed by his mouth-piece George Chellah.

Sata claimmed that  for him and his family, the Easter period has always been time for reconciliation and benevolence.

He sa during this period, Zambians must remember that it is only real and absolute love and compassion for one another that can separate people from iniquitous vices such as corruption, greediness, bitterness and hate.

He said nothing about arresting opposition leaders on trumped up charges.

Sata urged Zambians to celebrate Easter conscientiously and never lose focus of the reason behind this season.

He said Easter period should unify and remind people particularly those privileged with the mantle of leadership that they must always endeavor to serve with utmost humility, sincerity and dedication to the country.

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