Sata promotes Chris Katongo for dancing to PF slogan

Sata promotes Chris Katongo for dancing to PF slogan

Katongo: PF representative or national team captain?

President Michael Sata has with immediate effective promoted Zambia soccer team captain Chris Katongo to Warrant Officer Class One from Warrant Officer Class Two.

Publicly, Sata has promoted China based Katongo ‘for displaying exemplary leadership and skill at the on-going Orange 2012 African Cup of Nations in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.’

But insiders say Katongo was promoted for dancing to the PF slogan of ‘Don’t Kubeba’ during the game.

During the week, Katongo told one of pro-government newspapers that  Chipolopolo has adopted the Donchi kubeba sign as a way of celebrating their victories. He didn’t explain if the there was a meeting to adopt the political song or whether or players agree.

Zambia Army spokesperson Chris Musonda said in a statement released last night that Katongo’s exemplary leadership and skill has contributed to Chipolopolo’s good performance at the tournament and subsequent qualification to the quarter-finals.

President Sata has wished Zambia the best of luck and victory in this evening’s quarter-final clash with Sudan in Bata in mainland Equatorial Guinea.

As a soldier and sportsman, Katongo is not expected to exhibit his political inclinations.

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