Sata promotes granddaughter 3 times, driver to senior police ranks

Sata promotes granddaughter 3 times, driver to senior police ranks

Sata and his bodyguard


President Michael Sata has promoted his granddaughter Lillian Kamukoshi from the rank of Superintendent to the rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police. The biggest insult in the history of Zambia Police Force.,

This girl was just born on 23/03/1973 and joined Police on 02/01/2002 meaning she has just served under ten (10) years if we remove the period of training at Lilayi.

She was first promoted to the rank of Superintendent in October, 2011 then promoted to the rank Assistant Commissioner of Police, then promoted to the rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police in less than six months from the time he won the elections.

This girl is the Deputy Provincial Commissioner in Western Province and is the Spy Chief for Sata, she informs him on all what happens in Barotesland, even before the OP does and when they do he laughs at them and tells them he already knows.

The other one is Edwin Bwanga the man who stands behind Sata, in Chiluba regime he was Sata’s driver as Constable, later he went back to join Signals dept. Last year 2011 September Sata promoted him from Superintendent to Assistant Commissioner of Police and after one month promoted him again to the rank   Commissioner of Police.

How can a former driver and granddaughter be promoted like that at the expense of Senior Officers who have been there along long time, just before elections these officers were saluting a lot of officers and now it’s a total reversal senior officers have to salute these toddlers with diaper.

We voted for king cobra now come 2016 it will be a different story. We don’t accept and recognise these illegal ranks. In fact this same driver did a lot of wrong things during that time. Libongani has now found solace with the drunken Minister of Home Affairs who is being corrupted with Police Intelligence money that doesn’t require receipts. He kills by sword shall die by the same sword. Chingaipe is gone who will be next?

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