Sata publicly calls his minister, Yamfwa Mukanga, an idiot

President Micheal Sata today again went ballistic when he publicly insulted Communications, Works and Supply Minister Yamfwa Mukanga over the presidential Lodge in Kitwe’s Ndeke township.

Mr. Sata, who himself is not speeding up the process of quenching the fire that is burning inside his party, called his minister uli icipuba (you are an idiot) for not speeding up the works at the presidential lodge.

Mukanga was blasted like a small boy in front of his juniors and television cameras as he (Mukanga) kept smiling without anything to do in front of the Zambian president nicknamed ‘king cobra’.

Some of the people nearby wondered what leadership and example Mr. Sata is giving to the cadres that are axing and hacking each other if he can use such vulgar language to his juniors himself, when that can be done behind closed doors.

“Where did you expect me to sleep if I had decided to come here. I can’t even see a bed and the roof is falling. Start working on this place. There are many people that want jobs in my government. If you do not fire the contractor, I will fire you myself.,” Sata shouted at Mukanga.

It is not the first time Sata has blasted his puppet juniors in public and told most of them that they are dull because they can’t even keep heir.

Mukanga and vice-president Guy Scott were also publicly lambasted in front of the military parade over the weekend for not working on presidential burial site for late president Frederick Chiluba.

This was during the commemoration of World war II heroes at the Cabinet Office, next the presidential burial site.

Some of the juniors also said it is such behaviour by Sata that makes ministers and technocrats use short-cuts in tender processes of engage in single-sourcing which leads to corruption.

A few weeks ago, Sata humiliated now sacked Information Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Mwamba during a pre-cabinet meeting where he also lambasted Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda and vice-president Guy Scott together with Zambia Revenue Authority boss Belinda Msiska and his junior.

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