Sata pushes around Tonga chiefs who sneaked into State House

Sata pushes around Tonga chiefs who sneaked into State House


President Michael Sata this morning stunned Chiefs from Southern Province after he ordered them to remove their hats before commencing a meeting at State House.

President Sata was meeting 15 Chiefs drawn from various districts in Southern Province at State House for a consultative meeting.

The agenda of the meeting which is now underway has not been revealed but State House insiders say the recent realignment of Chirundu and Itezhi Tezhi districts will be discussed.

The Chiefs are also expected to express their resentment over the purported tribal grouping known as Tongas under Oath which was created by Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba.

President Sata who kept the traditional leaders waiting in the conference room from 08:30 Hours only emerged around 10 Hours and immediately started ordering the Chiefs to take off their hats.

President Sata also ordered some of the Chiefs who had taken the back row to move in front “so that everyone can see you.”

“Why are you hiding behind? Do you want to appear as if you are the Secretary of your Chiefs here? Come in front so that we all could see you,” President Sata ordered.

By the time of publishing, President Sata was having a closed door meeting with the Chiefs.

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