Sata: RB’s wife still getting salary as a teacher

Mrs Banda used to teach children

Mrs Banda used to teach children

Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata has claimed that first lady Thandiwe Banda is drawing a salary from government despite having resigned as a teacher.
Mrs Banda was working as a teacher in Eastern province before she moved to State House as wife of the current president.
But Mr. Sata today told journalists that there is evidence to show that Mrs Banda has continued appearing on the government payroll and receiving a salary.
And the Patriotic Front and United Party for National Development pact says it will reverse the sale of Zamtel and other parastatal companies once in power.

Speaking during a joint press joint press briefing in Lusaka Thursday morning, PF president Sata said if president rupiah Banda’s government does not reverse the decision to partially privatize Zamtel, the pact will reverse the decision once voted into power.

Mr. Sata added that once companies such zamtel and Zanaco are re-nationalized there will be no compensation to be paid out to the owners.

He said the two companies Zanaco and Zamtel belong to the Zambian people not the MMD.

Mr. Sata further said that it is a well known fact that the government is selling the 75% shares in Zamtel to a Chinese equity partner.

He has since warned the Chinese not to get excited over the taking over of Zamtel because the pact will re-nationalize the company once in power.

Mr sata further questioned why government should sale 75% shares in zamtel to a foreign equity partner when the company is making about one billion kwacha per week.

And speaking at the same briefing united UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema said the whole sale of Zamtel stinks corruption.

Mr. Hichilema said everything starting with the engagement of RP capital group to evaluate Zamtel assets to the announcement of the sale process stinks corruption.

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