Sata recalls all non-Bemba Press Attaches from embassies

Sata recalls all non-Bemba Press Attaches from embassies

Embassy of Zambia in Washington DC

President Sata has recalled all non-Bemba Press Attaches in Zambian Embassies and High Commissions regardless of their expertise.

But the president has maintained and promoted Bemba attaches appointed by either Rupiah Banda or Levy Mwanawasa.
According to Watchdog sources in Lusaka, among the notable non-Bemba speaking Press Secretaries recalled are Rejoice Lukumba(a Tonga), Samuel Ngoma(a Ngoni) and Doreen Mukanzo (Lunda).
Lukumba a versatile Photjournalist was in London and has been replaced by a Bemba, Amos Chanda.
Samuel Ngoma who was in Brussels has been replaced by a northerner Lambwe Kachali while renowned broadcaster Doreen Mukanzo has also been replaced by Patson Chilemba at the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria. Patson Chilemba is a former reporter for the Post newspaper.

Lambwe Kachali, the news press attache at the Belgium embassy is a former Post newspaper reporter and is the losing PF candidate for Chama North in the 2011 general elections.

He is the one who  challenged the electoral victory of  MMD’s Darius Mumba citing illegal activities in last year’s elections. See story here

Mumba later resigned but after the seat was nullified but Kachali could not stand in the bye-election as he was promised the job in Belgium.

The new ambassador to Belgium is a Grace Mutale Kabwe. She presented her credentials to King Albert II of Belgium two weeks ago, on July 12, 2012. Mutale Musonda Kabwe is not just Ambassador of the Republic of Zambia to the Kingdom of Belgium but the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the European Union.
All three recalled Press Attaches are reportedly in Lusaka and sources say they have been trying to no avail to understand why the PF government has done such ill to them even when they are renowned professionals.

They have not been re-assigned to other public jobs as per civil servants terms of employment.
Meanwhile, Watchdog sources have disclosed that the remaining Bemba attaches are destined for swift promotion at Zambian missions abroad.
Zambia’s Press Attaché in Washington and veteran ZNBC personality, Ben Kangwa has already been promoted to deputy Ambassador, skipping a notch.

See the positions on the Zambian embassy in USA here

Another Bemba Attache in India, Bwalya Nondo has also been made Acting Deputy High Commissioner.
The recall of Zambia’s non-Bemba Press Attaches; Ngoma, Mukanzo and Lukumba is clearest evidence of the PF’s victimisation of hardworking non-Bemba professionals despite telling us that Zambia is for all Zambians.
Both Ngoma and Lukumba are Master’s degree holders from reputable UK universities.

Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba last week said that Zambians can complain as much as they want about the nepotism and tribalism in the PF government but nothing will change as the people being appointed worked hard for the positions.

President Sata himself spurned North-western province chiefs when they petitioned him to consider including their subjects in his government. Sata said his government does not balance tribes but brains.

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