Sata recycles Barbara Chilangwa, sends a Mumba to Saudi Arabia

Sata recycles Barbara Chilangwa, sends a Mumba to Saudi Arabia



Barbara Chilangwa

 President Michael Sata has recycled Barbara Chilangwa and sent her to represent Zambia in Angola.

Sata has also sworn in one Ibrahim Mumba as ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

“Angola and Saudi Arabia have similarities in wealthy. Angola is rich in diamonds while Saudi Arabia is endowed with oil. Diamonds and oil are very tempting and remember that you are going there on oath. We shall know your activities and government here at home and where you are going will monitor you,” President Sata said.

Sata urged told Chilangwa and Mumba to ensure that Zambia benefits from Angola and Saudi Arabia through enhanced trade ties and strengthened bilateral relationship.

Chilangwa, a former Permanent Secretary in various Ministries including that of Education during the late President Levy Mwanawasa regime, pledged to work hard and link Zambia to Angola in economic, political and social sectors.

“I have worked in government before and my new role is to work hard with integrity and diligence and l have no worries about corruption,” she said.

Before her new appointment was Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED) Executive Director, a local nongovernment organisation that advocates for the girl child rights and education.

And newly appointed Zambia’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Ibrahim Mumba, also pledged to work hard and negotiate for the reduction of the price of crude oil from that country to Zambia.

Mumba said his first assignment in the rich Middle East country is to woo Saudi Arabia investors to invest in Zambia’s key sectors of the economy.

“It is a triple effect for Zambia and my going there as Ambassador is to ensure that crude oil pump price goes down,” Mumba said.

Reporters were not allowed to ask Sata any question at the ceremony.

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