Sata refuses to suspend Kabimba

President Michael Sata says he will not suspend Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba in the face of the corruption investigations against them.

And Sata says the ACC should be professional and stop ‘investigating’ people in the media and that they should always inform him when they are investigating a senior government official.

Sata said he will not suspend his two ministers until the ACC has proved to him that they have a case to answer.

Sata went on to say that there is need for the commission to ensure that natural justice which demands an accused person to be heard is upheld and that the ACC should inform him whenever they are carrying out investigations involving senior government officials.

Sata was as usual speaking at State House when he found someone to swear in.

But ACC director Rosemary Wandi says the ACC will still question Kabimba and Mwamba and that they have already booked Kabimba for questioning.

NGOs, political parties and individuals have noted that as long as Kabimba and Mwamba are still serving as ministers, investigation them is a waste of time.

Sata once said he was allergic to corruption. Maybe the allergy has now been cured.

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