Sata rejects Malawian president’ s invitation

Preident Michael Sata has rejected an invitation by Malawian president Bingu Mutharika to attend the COMESA summit. And Sata has sent vice president Guy Scott to go and complain to Malawi over Sata’s deportation in 2007.

A special envoy of president Mutharika David Chisala Bandawe Saturday morning met Sata to deliver the invitation and good well message.

But Sata told him that he can’t to Malawi because he was deported in 2007 and feared that he would be embarrassed if he attempted to.

The President told the envoy that until Malawi formally deals with the predicament, he found it difficult to travel for fear of possible embarrassment since immigration authorities there still regarded him a prohibited immigrant.

“His Excellency Bingu wa Mutharika is aware of the predicament I am in. I would have loved to take this trip as my first official foreign visit. I thought you were bringing the revocation but you have not. Once you have rectified those issues I will come some other time,” the President said.

Sata instead delegated his Vice-President  Guy Scott, to lead the  Zambian delegation to the COMESA Summit.

Scott is also expected to  deliver a special mesasage to President Wa Mutharika on Sata’s displeasure about the 2007 incident, according to Sata’ spokesperson George Chella.

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