Sata remaining with 87 days to develop Zambia

Sata remaining with 87 days to develop Zambia

We do not need permission from government or the PF to write what we want.

We will come to that later but let us first get two things cleared.

One, the Zambian Watchdog is not owned or sponsored by Hakainde Hichilema. We have nothing to do with Hichilema and we have never received money from him. But if he brings a slice of his billions, we will take it and ‘donchi kubeba’ so that we can ‘have more money in our pockets’. That is the new motto of Zambia isn’t it? The Watchdog is owned and controlled by Zambian private journalists. It is funded by donors.

If one cannot understand something as simple as this, we wonder if they can understand more complex matters like windfall tax.

The second matter is that we have no links to the OP. We never have and will never. If we were working or merely associated to the OP, we would have brought efficiency to the system and would have made sure that the presidency is protected from being occupied by….

And we have made changes to this site whereby sponsored elememenst will no longer manage to spew tribalism here.

Now that we are clear on these two issues, we can talk about the new government, again.

Now that Michael Sata is our president and is sustained by tax, we have the right to write whatever we want about him.

He is our servant.

And there is no time for him to relax. He promised to develop Zambia in 90 days. There are 87 days remaining now.

But like we said a few minutes after he was elected, we do not expect much from the PF regime.

Already, they are beginning to massage their 90 days promise. We are now told it is not development but initiating development.

Some people are shameless.

Even on the question of mining they are retreating. Barely a week ago were they expanding their goitres shouting how they will introduce windfall tax and how they will force mines to distribute wealth to Zambians.

That has changed. Now we hear they will sit on a table, drink coffee and ‘agree’ with mine owners.

Why should an issue of tax be discussed in private? Why not go to parliament and amend the law? Maybe this is in line with the don’t tell, don’t ask philosophy.

We can offer you some free advice here: handle the mine owners with care. They are precious. Zambia needs them. If you force and extract money from those businessmen, they will have several options. They can go and reduced the labor force and salaries of their Zambian staff to recover what you get from them. And if you push them too hard, they will take their investment elsewhere. And in case it is not clear, Zambia needs foreign investment. Without foreign investment, the economy will collapse. The Kwacha is already ‘scared’ and weakening. Let’s hope we won’t go back to the dark ages where someone will start ordering the currency to be of a particular value.

This is what happens when you lie to people. Sata and his friends promised a lot of things. Now it’s time for them to deliver on those promises.

The people voted for you because of the promises you made. They did their part. It’s your turn now.

There is no time. Don’t give us that crap about patience. You never gave others room to breathe. We are sure you are now discovering that condemning and criticising from outside is easy.

Do you know Mr. President that from the time you were sworn in, hundreds of Zambians went to bed without food? That sick, poor people went to hospital but found no medicine?

These cannot afford to wait. These are the ones who voted for you because you promised to improve their livelihoods. They are watching and hoping.

The celebrations are slowly dying away. While you and your officials are being toasted to sumptuous meals, your supporters are retreating into the empty huts where there is not even water.

You are the ones who excited our hopes by saying in 90 days we shall be in paradise. But the first three days have gone by with nothing for the poor. There is less money in our pockets because we used the ‘two pins’ we had to travel to attend your inauguration.

We expected you to say something radical at or just after your inauguration. The poor people you convinced that you a man of action would have loved to hear that the price of meallie meal has been slashed. Don’t blame us. It’s you who said 90 days. Maybe you meant the prophetic days.

And now we are told about the 10 commandments. Don’t we have enough preachers in Zambia?

You promised to put in place the Willa Mungomba constitution in place within 90 days. We believe in the Bible and the Ten Commandments which do not allow worshipping of idols among other things. But we need a constitution that is separate from the Bible. We are a democracy.

In Zambia there are other people who believe in other holly books. Let us not force people to worship according to our beliefs.

A lot of people voted for you and that we respect. But remember the majority did not vote for you. So, your support is not total.

We are 13 million. Only 1. 2 million people voted for you. Even among registered voters, 3.2 million rejected you.

There are 150 constituencies in Zambia. Only 60, less than half, voted for you.  But you are the president now because of the bad system which has been developed in Zambia over the years. And you have been part of this.

We have been told to wait for you to say state your plans. But there is no need. We already know your plans. You told us during campaigns. They are there in your manifesto which we read religiously.

If and when you succeed, we shall say thank you Sir. But for now, we will hold you accountable on your promise.

You have 87 days Sir to develop Zambia.

But so far very bad. You spent the first day trying to find where to be sworn in from. The second day was wasted by your cadres looting opponents’ homes.

The third day you were preaching. Hmmm, how nice it would have been if we all had food to eat before going to church so that we have enough energy to shout ‘amen’ hallelujah…

We know that by writing these things we risk our lives because we know how violent you and your supporters are. It wont be long before you start hunting us down. But we will continue saying what we think.

Violence is in some people’s DNA.

But we shall defend our right to speak unpopular truths.

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