Sata reprimands Kabimba for commanding police to search KBF’s law firm

Sata reprimands Kabimba for commanding police to search KBF’s law firm

Justice minister Wynter Kabimba’s appetite for power recently got him into a seriously trouble with president Michael Sata when he (Kabimba) ordered police to search the law firm belonging to one of the president’s close allies.

Sources at State House disclosed that shortly before Mr. Sata travelled to China, Kabimba and his cartel members Fred Mmembe and Mutembo Nchito called the Inspector General of the Police Stella Libongani and her deputy Solomon Jere and ordered them to search the law firm belonging to Kelvin Fube Bwalya popularly known as KBF.

Insiders said without knowing where the instructions were coming from, Libongani and Jere asked Lusaka province Commissioner to seal-off the law firm with a view to searched it and get some documents as ordered by Kabimba and his clique.

Sources said just when the operation was about to start, KBF was informed of the heavy police presence at his law firm, situated off Bwinjimfumu road in Roadspark,  near the Post newspaper.

“It was at this point that Mr. Bwalya directly phoned president Sata inquiring on what was happening at his law firm. The president expressed ignorance and immediately called Libongani and Mr. Jere to find out what was happening at the friend’s law firm,” sources disclosed.

PF insiders said the IG was also shocked that the president was not aware of the operation that was commanded by someone (Kabimba) she thought was a close ally to the president and immediately withdrew her officers from the firm.

Sources said the president summoned both the IG and her deputy to State House to tell him who ordered the search at KBF’s law firm or they will all be disciplined.

“The IG told the president that it was actually Mmembe, Kabimba and friends who commanded them that they wanted certain documents to do with the judiciary. But Mr. Sata also summoned Kabimba to State House to inquire on who told him to order the police to search KBF’s law firm. It is like Kabimba also had no proper answers and only said he wanted documents belonging to the judiciary, Sources said.

According to sources, the president asked whether there was a complaint from the judiciary regarding missing documents to which Kabimba said he just wanted to check something.

Sources said on investigations, it was discovered that Kabimba and the clique wanted to get documents relating to the operations of the Kola Foundation, an organisation that is preparing the transfer of power within the PF as recommended by Muchinga Chiefs.

Insiders say Mr. Sata was very upset with the behaviour of Kabimba and his clique that has unsurped so much powers from him.

Sources said Kabimba, Mmembe and clique have amassed so much power that they sometimes summon senior government and presidential appointees including the Army Commander, Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and other heads of law enforcement agencies to give them directives without the president knowing.

“There are so many schemes that these boys have been doing in the name of the president who has been very ineffective to the point where the general talk in the PF government is that the entire administration is run by an unelected clique from Bwinjimfumu Rd (Post newspaper offices).  It is like the big man (Sata) had also given them too much powers and it is only now that some people are making him realise that they have destroyed his government,” sources said.

Sources said the dilemma for the president now is that he doesn’t know how much information these people have collected and able to unleash against his regime in order to blackmail him, so he fears to discipline them.

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