Sata reshuffles Information PS even before being sworn-in

President Sata has with immediate effect transferred newly appointed Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary, Wamunyima Muwana to Lusaka Province in the same capacity while Steven Mwansa has been transferred from the Ministry of Commerce to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services, as Permanent Secretary. The shuffle has come up barely 24 hours when Muwana was appointed.
But that is not the only circus and daily comedy at State House, Mr. Muwana has been transferred even before being sworn-in by president Sata, meaning he has not yet officially taken-up the position.

He will therefore go down in history so far to be the only Zambian PS to be reshuffled even before being sworn-in, for which he probably deserves another medal from his relative Sata.

And with Sata at the helm, it will not be surprising to hear him being fired for ‘gross incompetency’ even before taking up the position, but thank God, that may never happen as he is well connected to the family forest government being run by Sata.

As reported by the Watchdog earlier, Muwana is a married to Chilanga District Commissioner Edith Muwana.

Edith Muwana is a blood niece of Sata’s wife Christine Kaseba.

During indepence celebrations in 2012, Wamunyima Muwana was one of the people Sata honoured with the ‘president’s medal for meritorious achievement.’

What he achieved was never revealed but maybe it is for marrying Kaseba’s niece

Early this year, Sata fired fellow comedian Ben Phiri, a few hours after being sworn-in as Luapula province PS.

The popular phrase now around Lusaka is when driving or walking around State House, better be dressed for the occasion as Sata can summon you for swearing-in, especially if you are a member of the family forest.

With these reshuffles, the Ministry of Commerce is now vacant and Sata is definitely not short of relatives to fill the vacancy soon.

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