Sata still getting preparatory treatment at State House

Sata still getting preparatory  treatment at State House

President Michael Sata is responding well to treatment that can make it possible for him to board a plane.
Meanwhile State House through either George Chella or Information Minister Mwansa Kapeya may in the next few days issue a statement claiming the President is suffering from Conjunctivitis an Eye infection.
And former ifyabukaya presenter Mwansa Kapeya has told one of the local radio stations that Sata is not sick. This is the same Kapeya who denied Watchdog revelations that late Mansa MP Kennedty Sakeni was sick. Even when Sakeni was on ‘oxygen’ at UTH, Kapeya continued denying.
On the current sickness of Sata, Kapeya could not say anything except that ‘he is not sick and people should not believe the Watchdog’
A source has told the Zambian Watchdog that Doctors prescribed a certain treatment that could enable the President take a long flight and he was responding very well.
“You know long flights can be a big strain so Doctors first wanted to make sure that he is in a state to take a long flight and he is responding very well. After that that is when he will go for medication but even now he is not ok but he is making tremendous improvements” the source said.
The source also disclosed that restriction to visitation are still in force and the person who has been frequenting Nkwazi House which is the official residence of the President is Defense Minister Geofrey Bwalya Mwamba.
“Restrictions are still in force but what is surprising is that it’s mainly GBM driving in and out” the source said.
Meanwhile State House is in the coming few days expected to issue a statement saying the President is suffering from an eye infection.
” They will very soon issue a statement that he has an eye infection. They have already started leaking the rumour so that by the time the statement is issued some people will believe but it is not true. We are all praying for him he is our father” the source said.

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