Sata responds to charges of trying to increase his term of office

Sata responds to charges of trying to increase his term of office

Ailing dictator Michael Sata says his regime has no intentions of manipulatingthe draft  Constitution describing such a motive as retrogressive and selfish.

Sata was responding to revelations by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema that Sata and his minions want to extend their stay in power by three more years after 2016.

But in a response written by Fred M’membe and distributed by his mouthpiece George Chellah, Sata said the accusations are groundless.

Sata said Hichilema should  conduct a self-introspection and assess if his endless slander, pessimism and bitterness was adding value to the country’s political discourse.

“Nobody within or outside Government has ever contemplated or lobbied for such a retrogressive and selfish agenda,” Mr Sata said.

The ailing dictator said it was clear that Mr Hichilema lacked political civility or basic decency and was resolved to harm mature, rational and constructive discourse on matters affecting the country.

“In fact we are eager to give the opposition a chance to test their popularity in 2016. We have no doubt that the Zambian people will judge us on the basis of the unprecedented massive infrastructural and other developmental projects, which are being done in the interest and for the benefit of the Zambians.

“These kinds of careless claims only proves that we are dealing with a desperate loose cannon who is constantly in denial and determined to display his fallacious notion, just to massage his ego,” read the statement sent on behalf of the dictator.

The ailing dictator also said that if the opposition parties whose Members of Parliament were currently serving in Government allowed their parliamentarians to contribute without intimidation there would be no need for the by-elections.

In his warped idea of the ‘spirit of inclusivity and co-existence’ he claimed  the PF regime would collaborate with whoever was prepared to contribute to the development of the country to stimulate social and economic growth. Yet the dictator has so many MPs from his party the PF.

“Every responsible Government world over will make sure that it consolidates itself to be in aposition to deliver on the promises that got it elected into office, especially if faced with injudicious and unpatriotic leaders of the opposition who are recklessly resolved to undermine Government’s ability to deliver services to the people,” he said.

Laughable as it sounds, the ailing dictator said he would ensure his personal commitment to deepening democracy, equality and respect for the will of the Zambian people.

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