Sata retires ZRA official, driver on advice from PF cadre

Ailing Zambian Dictator Michael Sata has retired in public interest Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Head of Internal Affairs Juba Banda and two others at the advise of party cadre George Siame.

According to information reaching the Zambian Watchdog, Sata retired Juba Banda, his immediate junior whose name the Watchdog is verifying and a driver.

A source at Cabinet office has told the Zambian Watchdog that it is the first time in the history of the nation that a driver has been retired in national interest.

George Siame the person who advised the President to retire Banda and two others is the person who in 2011 assaulted his boss the then Human resources director at ZRA.

Siame was prosecuted and convicted for assault by the Lusaka Magistrate Court. But shortly after the Patriotic Front came into power, Sata through Finance Minister Alexandra Chikwanda brought back Siame and created a position of Director of Investigations at ZRA reporting directly to Berlin Msiska the Commissioner General though Siame does not even regard Msiska as his boss.

Juba Banda is the one who apprehended George Siame when he assaulted his boss. The price the driver has paid for driving Siame to Police is also the retirement in public interest.

One would wonder whether the Permanent Human Rights Commission exists in Zambia because these are the cases it is supposed to handle.

As Director of Investigations at ZRA, Siame oversees the ZRA intelligence network that comprises another PF thug by the name of Sinkala who is of the same caliber as that of another PF thug at ZESCO by the name of Judge Ngoma.

The ineffective and moribund Women’s movement tried to picket ZRA early last year to call for the dismissal of Siame who assaulted a fellow woman. The women’s movement promised to demonstrate every month-end until Siame was removed but as usual they have not demonstrated a single day.

Just like Chishala Mofya who is Director of Support Services at the Zambia Information, Communication and Technology Authority (ZICTA), George Siame is also a member of the parallel structure of the Office of the President Special Division.

At ZICTA Chishala Mofya works with a Mr.Liwanga while at ZRA George Siame works with a Mr. Sinkala.

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