Sata revokes appointment of Sherry Thole before swearing-in

Sata revokes appointment of Sherry Thole before swearing-in

Thole (right)

President Michael Sata has revoked the appointment of former Ministry of Science permanent secretary Sherry Thole as ambassador to Sweden.

And the fate of former Protocol chief at State House Bob Samakai hangs in the balance after his appointment as permanent secretary at foreign affairs was revoked after working for a week.

Samakai was appointed PS two weeks ago but Foreign Affairs minister Chishimba Kambwili refused to work with him saying he is an MMD cadre.

Kambwili reported to Sata who immediately removed Samakai and ordered Kambwili to remove all MMD supporters in the diplomatic services.

Sata promised to appoint Samakai as ambassador to a country yet to be identified but sources say he may be left out completely.

Samakai was replaced by Peter Kasanda as PS at Foreign affairs.

Kasanda is around 80 years old and was former envoy to USA in the 1960s and 70s.

In the same line of confusion, Sherry Thole was sacked as permanent Secretary then appointed ambassador to Sweden a week ago.

After four days, her appointment as ambassador was withdrawn before she was even sworn-in. She has already received the later of withdraw.

It is believed that PF female supporters protested the appointment of Thole saying she was in the MMD campaign team.

Sources say Sata is in the process of appointing reverend Edith Mutale, the woman who claimed that she was beaten at former president Chiluba’s funeral.

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