Sata risks running the country down, says Milupi

ADD president Charles Milupi has said President Michael Sata will cost the country for the unilateral decisions he is making without consulting his Cabinet or Zambian people affected.

Milupi said President Sata appears to make decisions on impulse without the input of his government colleagues that were supposed to be having input in what he was doing.

“It is only God who makes decisions without consulting anybody on the basis of orders like, let there be light. A President can’t do that because he is not God. I have looked in the Yellow Book and there is no budget line for the districts created. So where is the money going to come from to make if operation? This means the President need to appoint District Commissioners in these districts and provide all the necessary requirements so that the offices can be functional,” he said.

He said President Sata’s decision to create five districts in Western Province lacks any credible basis and he even surprised his ministers by so doing. He said there was need for proper planning to ensure that when a decision is made, it should have been budgeted for and agreed upon by every interested party.

President Sata announced the creation of five districts in Western Province and a construction of a stadium. He also created another district in North Western Province.

Source: Zambia Reports

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