Sata says does know why he was at UNWTO, claims Mugabe is his twin

Zambia’s ailing dictator Michael Sata on Sunday stunned delegates at the official opening of the UNWTO at Victoria Falls hotel in Zimbabwe when he said “we don’t know why we are here” and demanded to have food.
As joint host President, Sata who was given the chance to address the delegates went on to make some comedy in his hollow speech and instead of highlighting the tourism potential of Zambia he ended by saying “My elder twin brother (in reference to Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe) will tell us why we are here because me I don’t know why we are here and up to now we have not yet eaten,” sending the delegates into laughter.
Sata has been unwell , of late there has been incoherence in his speeches and was only asked to do a ‘face saver’ by attending the conference. The opposition UPND has since applied for the appointment of an independent medical board to examine the suitability of Sata holding the top job.
The Zambian government, which has not been prepared for the conference also had Tourism minister Sylvia Masebo refer to Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe as President of Zambia during her ‘flowery’ speech after her Zimbabwean counterpart Walter Muzembi delivered a rich address to the gathering, Zimbabwe has even been elected to the UNWTO commission on Africa.
Delegates must be prepared for some more comedy when Zambia hosts the closing ceremony where Sata will steal the show and perform more comedy.

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