Sata regrets there is no war in Zambia, tells commander to send soldiers to war

Sata regrets there is no war in Zambia, tells commander to send soldiers to war

sata 1Ailing dictator Michael Sata says he is sad that there is no war in Zambia and has therefore urged Zambia army commander Paul Mihova to send the newly commissioned Zambia army officers to a place where there is war.

And Sata’s moronic behavior of abruptly ending important occasions has continued.  Today (Friday) he was at his best once again when he demanded that the closing national anthem be played before the master of ceremonies requested for it.

Sata, speaking at Military Establishment of Zambia (MILTEZ) in Kabwe during the commissioning of 138 officer cadets into the Zambia army said he regretted that Zambia was not at war and that most of the Zambian soldiers just had a theoretical training and lacked practical of what is needed for a soldier urged Zambia army commander Lt. General Paul Mihova to send the newly commissioned cadets to a warring nation or even the Angolan border.

“These officers will not be involved in any war, so can you send them even to the Angolan border so that they have practicals,” said Sata, much to the amusement of people some of whom wondered at the idiocy that has invaded the Zambian presidency.

Sata once again broke the military protocol when he decided to walk straight from his presidential chopper which was parked on the loans of Kohima barracks straight to the parade square and senior army officers say the President’s continued breach of military protocol is reaching unprecedented levels and needs to be stopped.

“Our security for the commander in chief is programmed according to his movements so if he breaks our advice then it is difficult for us to create an emergency security system and we are aware that the commander in chief knows the procedure,” said the source in a phone interview with the Zambian watchdog.

Meanwhile defence personnel have said it was sad that Sata ended an important military occasion without consent of the event organizer. This was in reaction to Sata’s call for the closing national anthem shortly after he delivered his speech which some senior army officers have described as ‘hollow and lacked key matters.”


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