Sata sues Chiluba

Opposition Patriotic Front leader Micheal Sata has instructed his lawyers to commence legal proceedings against former president Fredrick Chiluba over the allegations he made against him during a press briefing on Sunday.

Mr Sata Confirmed to QFM Monday morning that he has written to his lawyers instructing them to commence legal proceeding against the former head of State.
He said Dr Chiluba has no immunity and that his desire to please president Rupiah Banda will land him in problems.
He further stated that the attacks by Dr Chiluba against him are tricks by the former president to divert attention from real issues.
Mr Sata said Dr Chiluba wants to wage a verbal war against him so that President Banda’s alleged efficiencies cannot be highlighted by the opposition.
Mr. Sata said the Patriotic Front and the United Party for National Development will remain focused to ensure that Zambians are liberated from the suffering which the MMD has subjected them to.

But Dr. Fredrick Chiluba has challenged opposition Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata to respond to the issues raised against him during yesterday’s press conference instead of dodging them by insulting and making derogatory statements against him.
Dr. Chiluba through his spokesperson, Emmanuel Mwamba questions Mr. Sata’s morality for persistently insulting him.
Mr. Mwamba explains that Dr. Chiluba is not interested in petty and dirty politics which the PF leaders is perpetrating and forcing him into.
Mr. Mwamba says Mr. Sata has constantly insulted Dr.Chiluba by questioning his life style, spiritual, social and political life, for a very long time.
He has since challenge the PF leader to answer the questions raised by the former president during his press conference on Sunday and stop indulging in politics of insults.

Among other things, Chiluba accused Sata of fathering children outside marriage and also having worked against freedom fighters.

” Were you a colonial police constable or a freedom fighter, Chiluba asked Sata.

Did you resign from the colonial police force or you were dismissed? And if so for what reason were you dismissed? It is not for me to tell, you tell the nation yourself because we want to know you, you seem to be the perfect gentleman but let us know the background. Let the Zambian people know the truth about you so that they are not in any doubt about the leader of PF.”

“On 19 September I think last year Mr Sata condemned me for pretending I am a born again Christian yet I am going with a woman I took away from a certain man. But my marriage to Regina was consummated in accordance with the law and custom.

It was conducted above board fulfilling all the requirements by first sending elders from my side to her people who agreed together to allow us to marry as she was a divorcee already.

This was almost two years after my divorce. So our marriage was and still is a very clean affair. But you the moralist Mr Sata can you tell me, are you a man of one wife or you are a polygamist? I am just asking questions. It’s for you to answer.

Sir, can you tell me who is Petronella Mpundu, a biological sister to Bishop Mpundu of the Catholic Church, who is she to you? Do you have any relationship with her, can you tell the country, not me?” Chiluba asked. “Are the two children Mukupa and Chilufya your children? Are you the biological father of Mukupa and Chilufya? Did you by any chance consummate your marriage with her in a Bemba customary arrangement known as ichombela ng’anda traditional marriage or not?

Mr Sata is a moralist he will come out to tell us. If you are a man of sound morals tell us who this young woman who was working for the Ministry of Finance in Lusaka but now working at the Bank of Zambia in Ndola is, who is she to you – Petronella Mpundu.

Tell us if you are not the father of her two children. And finally, with this murky picture I don’t know why you line up for the eucharist at your church, I will leave that to the church. Mr Sata I know you more than you think.

“When you were national secretary of our party don’t forget; sometimes we must learn to be thankful I saved you three times when the NEC wanted to pass a vote of no confidence in you because of failure to write minutes properly.

Your English sounded more Taiwanese than English and the NEC said we don’t want him. They suggested that young Paul Tembo, the late Paul Tembo, a graduate should be the one writing minutes because Mr Sata was only capable of putting a comma or full stop where he stopped, when he stopped breathing that is where the full stop went.

I saved him in all these things. I know his capabilities he can’t fool me, he can’t fool me and I don’t want to discuss matter of abuse of office…I told Mr Sata I have a dossier, a thick one on him but I will not go into that. For now let him answer those two questions.”

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