Sata says his cabinet ministers are useless but remark angers ministers

Ailing dictator Michael Sata has now described his cabinet ministers as useless. The description has angered a  cabinet minister who has told the Watchdog that Sata needs to tame his tongue before one of the ministers hits back and show the whole world how useless Sata is.

Speaking when he made a rare appearance to swear in one of his ex-concubine Ingrid Mulonda Sichinga Mphande as deputy minister of Community Development, Mother and Child Health, Sata said his ministers were useless and were not doing anything.

“It is getting out of hand, he first called honourable Yamfwa Mukanga a fool in full view of the cameras and we thought he was just annoyed; then he said the MPs were useless, again we thought it was because of the lack of support on the constitution debates but now he has said us cabinet ministers are useless. The President has to be careful because very soon we shall start hitting back and the whole world will now know who is really useless,” said the enraged minister who is also a senior member of the PF’s highest organ the central committee.

And Alliance for a Better Zambia leader Fr. Frank Bwalya has asked Sata to be proactive and stop behaving like a crying baby accusing his ministers and MPs of being useless while they continue being paid heavily by the government. Fr. Bwalya says the best thing for Sata who is employed as a CEO for the people of Zambia is to fire all the useless ministers and replace them with useful citizens.

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