Sata says Musokotwane was getting two salaries

Sata says Musokotwane was getting two salaries

President Michael Sata has said that former Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane was getting two salaries before he became minister of Finance.

Sata seems to be still upset by Musokotwane’s advice that the president should stop issuing careless and false statements.

Sata said in Lusaka that Musokotwane was getting a salary from State House and another one from Bank of Zambia.

Musokotwane was economic advisor to the late president Levy Mwanawasa.

Musokotwane also worked as secretary to the treasury, IMF advisor and Bank of Zambia deputy governor.

Sata on Monday claimed that the MMD government printed fake money and that the fake notes are in circulation.

This attracted a sharp reaction from Musokotwane who said Sata’ statements are embarrassing.

“We find it extremely shameful and very embarrassing that the whole Head of State can make such disparaging remarks about his own currency. When he says that BoZ printed fake money, when he says its fake money that is circulating, money that is illegal, it is the money that you put on colour printer and print it both sides that is fake money.

“How does the whole Head of State embarrass the nation by telling the outside world that the money that is circulating in my country produced by the Central Bank is fake money? Can you imagine the President of South Africa talking like that about his currency? Can you imagine the President who was visiting us George Bush, when he was President without any proof announcing to the outside world that the money circulating in America is fake when in actual fact is not. So I find this extremely shameful, very embarrassing to us as a country that the President can make such a careless statement about our currency.

“Because with that statement if the public are told this money is fake when it’s not fake, you will have legitimate reasons to go to the banks and dump the money and say this is fake money. What does that do to the economy? So let the President help us by giving all of us pride by avoiding making such careless statements such as this one. He is a leader of our country,” said Musokotwane.

“He is in charge of our currency so how does he denounce this currency to the outside world that this is fake money when in fact this is false? So this is very shameful indeed. The behaviour by the President of making all these dramatic statements and so-called revelations which turn out to be false, again we are getting embarrassed. The outside world will be asking questions – does the President have advisors? Does the President have ministers? If so why does he make all these allegations that turn out to be false?”

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