Sata says RB prefers working with bootlickers

Patriotic Front president Michael Sata says republican President Rupiah Banda is allergic to the truth.

Mr. Sata in an apparent reference to the sacking of Science, Technology and Vocational Training Minister Gabriel Namulambe by president Banda yesterday says president Banda will stop at nothing in getting rid of people in government who are truthful.

Mr. Sata in interview with QFM this morning states that the firing of Mr. Namulambe does not come as a surprise because other ministers have in the recent past been fired in similar circumstances.

The PF leaders states that president Banda will continue rooting out ministers and government officials who tell the truth.

Mr. Sata says Mr Banda’s campaign of getting rid of people telling the truth only goes to show that he is not truthful.

Mr Sata further states that the president would rather have bootlickers in his cabinet like vice president George Kunda than people who stand for the truth.

Courtesy of QFM

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