Sata screws plot to arrest HH for treason

Sata screws plot to arrest HH for treason

Highly placed sources in the system have told the Watchdog that there was a carefully organised plot to stage a bogus attempt to hijack and abduct Sata while he was in Livingstone but then quickly arrest HH for treason.

The plan was to send these thugs hired from compounds and show them attempting to abduct Sata but at the same time showing him being saved by ‘gallant’ police officers.

‘Abducting a president effectively means taking over government by force and that is a coup,’ said a senior security officer. ‘So that statement is actually very serious and was aimed at arresting that Hakainde gentleman,’ the source continues.

According to security officers, Sata was briefed of the plan early in the morning. But when he got to Livingstone – given his condition, he forgot that it was a covert operation and that he was not supposed to say anything until it has been implemented.
‘So he actually saved Hakainde otherwise the plan was that the country should be just greeted with news that an attempt by UPND to abduct the president has failed and Hakainde Hichilema has been arrested for treason’, explained security officers.

Speaking when he struggled to grace the Zambia Air Force pass-out parade which should have been held much last week, but was postponed due to his failing health, Sata claimed that according to his daily intelligence briefings, he was luck to be alive because UPND wanted to “hijack” him today in Livingstone, but the plot was thwarted by state security.

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