Sata seen at cancer clinic in London, as Scott says it non of Zambians’ business

Sata seen at cancer clinic in London, as Scott says it non of Zambians’ business

sataPresident Michael Sata is currently receiving treatment at a men’s cancer clinic in London, the Watchdog has discovered.

President Michael Sata left New York on 27 September, 2013 after attending the 68th session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly.

But he has not reached Zambia and the government has said nothing.

As late as yesterday, Thursday October 3, 2013, Sata’s whereabouts were still unknown and his uncle Alexander Chikwanda was still acting as president.

In his capacity as acting president, Chikwanda even met Prince Edward of UK yesterday.

But now the Watchdog has discovered that president Sata is actually seeking medication in UK.

Sata is receiving medication at a private cancer clinic in London called ‘The Cancer Centre’. It is situated in London’s prestigious Wimpole Street.

But because the Centre is not a hospital, Sata is not hospitalized there but being taken there to see the doctors.

Sata visited the cancer clinic on Wednesday 2nd October in the morning and on Thursday, 3rd October 2013 in the evening.

On both occasion, Sata was being driven by an Asian chauffeur in an unmarked Merc de Benz, 2010 model.

According to sources that saw Sata, it was clear that his movements were designed to kept secretive.

But Sources were able to observe that the Zambian president looked pale in his dark suit on Thursday as he disembarked from the car to go and see doctors at the cancer centre.

Sata has a history of cancer and other medical conditions as reported in the Times of Zambia in 2010

Meanwhile, ceremonial Vice President Guy Scott says President Michael Sata’s absence from the country is nobody’s business.

Responding to a question by Bwacha Member of Parliament Sydney Mushanga who asked him to inform the nation where the president is and when he is coming back to Zambia, Dr Scott says President Sata is in communication with government officials.

Dr Scott says President Sata managed to call him and is in touch with everything that is going on back home.

He adds that it is not anyone’s business to leave in the president’s pocket.

President Sata was recent in New York where he went to attend the United Nations General assembly which he addressed.

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