Sata sends low flying jets to scare Barotse people

Sata sends low flying jets to scare Barotse people

The PF government this morning deployed 4 air force fighter jets in Western province flying in formation in move aimed at intimidating and scaring the people from harming their Litunga.

Sources in Mongu, Western province have told the Watchdog that the jets are flying really low in the area to a point where people are unable to work properly.

One source complained “they have just done their second round over my house just now. The nation needs to know and I need mention that they are really flying low here.

President Michael Sata yesterday promised to defend the Litunga against what he termed ‘any attempts of aggression being fomented by a clique of misguided individuals’.

In a statement by his press aid George Chellar, Mr. Sata said he had credible information that there were certain frustrated and ill-advised persons that were manoeuvring to bring strife to the Litunga.

On Sunday, Linyungandambo Livingstone chapter declared war against anyone involved in the resignation of Ngambela Sinyinda.

“The Lozi is not second had clothes. It is a country for the people and it cannot be sold to anybody. We don’t need mafias in Barotseland. We want to work in harmony as people of Barotseland. We are ready to move to Limulunga. We are going to Limulunga not to fight anybody but to make sure that the Sikombwa leaves the palace,” Linyungandambo Chapter is quoted in the PF compromised Post newspaper.

During campaigns for 2011 general elections Mr. Sata and his PF lied that he would honour the aspirations of the people of Western within 90 days.

When in power, President Sata set-up a commission of enquiry that recommended that the Barotse Agreement be honoured to which he (Sata) did not agree.

To date the Rodger Chongwe report has not been released for public scrutiny despite spending huge sums of tax-payers money.

There is growing tension in Western province following the resignation of the Ngambela last week after Sata’s agent, Sikota Wina, met and convinced the Litunga to accept Sata’s message against that of his subjects.


how low they are flying..)

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