Sata sends Nsanda to Kasama to fight GBM

Sata sends Nsanda to Kasama to fight GBM

Road Development Agency (RDA) Chairman and PF cadre Willie Nsanda is in Kasama to denounce area MP Geoffrey Mwamba.
Nsanda (in photo below) has been sent by president Michael Sata. He joins Sata’s personal thug judge Ngoma who is now in charge of State House Security. Nsanda was distributing fitenge material labelled ‘GBM must go.”
A week ago, Miles Sampa returned to Lusaka after failing to mobilise support against GBM.

(By the way we shall soon expose the people Sampa has hired to kill Watchdog reporters. One assassin is in Dubai; the other in London)

Ngoma was in Mbala and now coming to Kasama to join forces with Nsanda.Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 12.21.38

One person is shocked that Nsanda can accept to be used against GBM. He said the following:
Nsanda is the most unprincipled man because he is the last person PF members expect to speak against GBM.
He is double-tongued and speaks ill of President Sata’s leadership style.Remember, it is Nsanda who once clobbered President Sata physically in Kitwe.
Nsanda has insulted Sata more than any other but he is doing all this to maintain his dirty deals at RDA.
‘Nsanda is a jailbird after 2016, including people like Emmanuel Chenda who were involved in so much scandals while with the Ndola City Council.
Chenda owes his life to Sata and can be used by the Post’s Fred Mmembe. Chenda knows that even for Bwana Mkubwa Constituency, people did not want him. There was a Doctor who was based in Botswana that PF in Bwana Mkubwa wanted but Sata prevailed over and reversed the decision because Chenda was finished.
PF is panicking about GBM.There are all these vehicles with others from Kitwe and they have paid for a 2-hour program this morning to denounce GBM.

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