Sata should come clean on RB

By Edwin Sakala

We wish to call on President Michael Sata to take a bold step of telling the nation why he has opted to rush into instituting investigations against former President Rupiah Banda even before his immunity is lifted and former MMD leaders on farfetched cases while with impunity deciding to cast a deaf ear on more serious allegations in the Auditor –Generals report that more than one trillion kwacha  was abused by the defunct Task Force on corruption and the surfacing of more looting and plunder through the Bank of Zambia.

We are equally surprised that President Sata has maintained silence on the matter regarding the debt owed to the people of Zambia by Fred M’membe of the Post Newspaper Limited and the two Nchito brothers, who we have, request him and parliament to state there position on

We have observed with serious concern that the same Cartel behind the k14billion DBZ scandal ,the alleged  looting and plunder revelations at Bank of Zambia and more than one trillion abuse revealed by the Auditor-General    seem to have a controlling influence on President Michael Sata and his PF government and spearheading the President Sata so called fight against corruption in Zambia .

We maybe right or wrong but remain convinced that the Cartel led by the Post newspaper editor Mr. Fred M’membe seem to have a black mailing power over the president and his government that the state is doing everything to protect them.

In our humble understanding it’s as if the Cartel pumped in so much money in the PF campaign that the PF has to payback by insuring that Friends and associates of the Cartel control the flow of information in the country and the whole legal process do not face justice by controlling it..

It is not a secret that people like Mutembo Nchito  have been subject to a lot of criticism over his forging of the Justice Phiri court ruling and the loans worth billions which he has tried to use his office to avoid paying back yet president Sata is failing to make the most obvious decision which is firing him.

The court justices who had a hand in the judgement of the Nchito case were fired on allegations of being corrupt while the police was used to savagely beat up youth who demonstrated to demand for the removal of Nchito as DPP.

There has been many government moves such as the appointment of a tribunal and dismissal of the Chief justice Ernest Sakala which all seem to revolve around covering up for the Nchito’s.

ZDDM as a party would like the President to clear the air on the concerns raised by various sections of society on the pending revelations of looting and plunder of public funds as we rightly or wrongly believe that the corruption cases in court and the rush to drag former President Rupiah Banda in the mud by a DPP facing serious criminal charges have unholy motives and an effort to divert attention from their cases..

We insist that President Sata must sanction for a judicial review of cases involving the DPP and Post newspaper editor Mr Fred Membe and appoint an independent person to control the flow of information in the nation so that the public can not continue to be fed on propaganda by our public media. It is not a secret that operatives of this cartel are controlling the flow of information in the nation and that through the Key position they hold have managed to intimidate and cow down the once vibrant media houses in our country.

Zambians would like to see a genuine fight against corruption and this will only be possible and credible to Zambians and the international community if the current DPP can be cleared of allegations against him, the ministry of information is above suspicion and the Zambia police maintain a high standard of professionalism.

Otherwise, we remain convinced that President Sata and his PF government have no serious commitment to genuinely fight corruption in Zambia for as long as we have the impression that people with logs in their eyes are the ones hunting for specks in peoples eyes.

The onus is on President Sata to tell the nation why he is rushing to drag former President Banda in the mud while casting a blind eye to serious allegations of plunder and looting of public funds which every Zambian is aware of, instead of using the police to try and silence us let him explain to Zambians why he has failed to take measures to clear his DPP and Post newspaper editor.

Lastly as an agenda driven political party which may form the next government in Zambia we wish to state that we shall not allow the cartel and its post newspaper to repeat a media trial of other former presidents the way they did former and late president Fredrick Chiluba as this is not only an injustice but destroying the image of Zambia. Chiluba was harassed and his image destroyed by these people who have more serious criminal allegations against them.

We shall not allow President Rupiah Banda or indeed President Michael Sata himself when he leaves office to be humiliated and dragged in mud through a media trial. Our past and future leaders must be treated decently and fairly. Zambia should not uphold a culture of leaders dreading the day they will leave office.

We may not agree with President Sata but this does not mean that we shall allow anybody to abuse him or treat him unjustly hence our request that he does to President Rupiah Banda what he expects us to do unto him. While doing this let him bear in mind that evil men were able to condemn Our Lord Jesus Christ to death by manipulating the law the way this cartel is doing.

Edwin Sakala is the president of ZDDM.

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