Sata should not be sarcastic to Barotseland advocates – Milupi

Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) leader Charles Milupi says President Michael Sata was wrong when he referred to Barotseland agreement advocates as being in a weaker position.

Mr. Milupi says though the call for dialogue is welcome, the republican President was rather sarcastic when he stated that those trying to be confratational on the Barotseland agreement were in a weaker position.

He says Barotseland agreement advocates have a right to ask what they asked for, stating that the language the President used was a bit hard.

Republican president Michael Sata this week urged the people of western province not to resort to confrontation in dealing with issues surrounding the Barotseland agreement.

But Mr. Milupi has urged the president not to use bad words in trying to resolve challenges that have been facing western province.


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