Sata signs order for OP to tap phones, emails

President Michael Sata has authorized the Office of the President Special Division to interfere or tap phone conversations and any other internet services including emails on anyone living in Zambia.

According to Intelligence sources, President Sata signed the Presidential Order two weeks ago. The intelligence sources said the President signed the Presidential order after receiving advice from Attorney General Mumba Malila.

According to the source, the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA)Director General Margaret Chalwe Mudenda  has since written to all Mobile Phone Service Providers and Internet Service Providers (ISP).

The Intelligence source says ZICTA has written to these institutions to allow safe passage of Information Technology (IT) Specialists from the Office of the President and China. The source said a ten man team chaired by Office of the President Director of IT Francis Mwale has since started working on the assignment and have been visiting mobile phone companies to get insight on Network Architecture (Topology) so as to know where to interfere from.

The source said other members of the team  tasked to infringe the right to privacy of 13 million plus of Zambians and foreigners include Patrick Mutimushi Director of Technology and Engineering at ZICTA and Mr. Mwenya Mutale Manager Standards also from ZICTA.

“They have already started their work. The team is headed by Francis Mwale Director IT OP. They have been visiting service providers so as to understand the topology of network. For those who may not know, it (topology) is  appreciating the network architecture. things like where the servers are so that they know whether to install their interception devices”, The source said.

The source said the team together with the Chinese experts have already started trials at Zamtel so the chances are that using Zamtel facilities may be used as a testing device.

“Inform your readers on Zamtel network that they should even consider throwing away their Sim Cards because the system is currently being used” the source said.

The Intelligence source said though the exercise is legal because it was passed under the ICT Act of 2010, there is no guarantee that it will not be abused by law enforcement agencies. The source said it was this lack of guarantees that former President Rupiah Banda refused to sign the Presidential Order because he thought it could lead to abuse of human rights as it could promote blackmail and extortion.

“President Banda refused to sign the order because he said it could lead to serious crimes such as blackmail and extortion because a law enforcement agent would simply monitor your email or phone conversation and come to you to say I you want to pay less duty or your vehicle in Nakonde give me K 2 million” the source said.

The source said Banda also refused because it meant revoking an order that liberilised the International Gate way so as to compel all ISP’s to use the Zamtel (Mwembeshi) satellite.

The insider said President Sata wants to instill fear in citizens such that if one wants to have a private conversation with his or her parents in the village, that person has to travel to the village.

The source said Zambia is slipping back to UNIP days when one could even stop on the middle of the road once the National Anthem started playing.

Apart from Airtel, MTN and Zamtel, the senior security officer said the following organizations that have ZICTA licenses may be bugged.

Zesco, CEC Liquid Telecommunication Limited, Iway Africa Zambia, Africa connect Zambia, Wimax Zambia, Pronet Africa, Baobab Networks, Iburst Zambia Limited, Foris Zambia, Comium Data Zambia, Zambia, MTN Business Solutions, Postlink Limited, Epochal Digital Technologies, Quick Edge Limited, Coppernet Solutions, Zamnet Communication Systems, Reliance Wimax Zambia, Microlink Zambia Limited, Pronet Zambia Limited, Real Time Zambia, Smartnet Networks Limited, Data Speed Limited, BHP Billiton, Alios Finance, Impala Warehouse and Logistics Zambia Limited, Eco-Bank Zambia, Kenya Airways, Concern Worldwide, Stanbic Bank, Railway Systems of Zambia, ZANACO, Atlas Copco Zambia, Care International, Erickson AB Zambia, Tazama Pipelines, Northrise University, Sita-Zambia, Bwana Mkubwa FQM, Backlays Bank, Dunavant Zambia, Zambia Prevention Care and treatment Partnership, World Vision Zambia, Zambia Sugar, Zambia Revenue Authority, Konkola Copper Mines, Road Transport and Safety Agency, NAPSA, Standard Chartered Bank, Allterrain Services, Shoprie and Bank of China.

Other institutions to e monitored are Lumwana Mining, Game Stores, Sabot Zambia, Mtarget Zambia, Total Zambia, Muvi Television, Albidon mining, Dimension Data Zambia Limited, Capital Drilling, Izwe Loans, Thunderbolt Electrical, Bank of Zambia,  Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organisation, Plan International, Massnet Innovation Solutions, Hyspec Africa Zambia Limited, Roke Telkom Limited, VPS Zambia Limited, Access Bank Zambia, Zambia Breweries, Preworx Limited,ACME Technology Limited, Citi Bank, SNV Zambia, Toyota Zambia, Lafarge Cement, Koza telecoms limited, National Breweries, FNB Zambia, Internet Technology Zambia Limited, Ausdrill, National Servings and Credit Bank, Multi- Choice Zambia, A Plus Technology Limited, Transaction Payment Solutions Zambia Limited, United for Africa, Finance Bank Zambia, Bank ABC, Bell Zambia Equipment Limited, Alliance One Zambia Limited, Zambia Research Education Network, Copperbelt Energy Corporation, Momentum Zambia and Metal Fabricators of Zambia.

So not only is your phone likely to be bugged but also if you are going to use the phones or internet services of the above organizations. On Mobile Phone Service Providers, only Zamtel has started implementing this scheme. The Road transport and safety agency has also started implementing being government institutions.

The Watchdog is on top of things and will communicate as to when these other organizations start implementing the dictatorial scheme that aims at helping Sata rule with terror.

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