Sata sneaks into the country amid tight security

Secrecy and tight security surrounded the arrival of missing president Michael Sata aboard British Airways flight BA 0255 from what government described as ‘reflecting in a secret location.’

The BA airliner carrying Sata  landed at Kenneth Kaunda International airport at exactly 6:30 hours Monday Morning.

Sata who left the country using the Presidential Challenger plane to Addis Ababa Ethiopia for the 2013 AU Summit, sneaked into the country using a direct flight from UK and was met by ceremonial Vice President Guy Scott, defence minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, home affairs minister Edgar Lungu among others.

Just when he alighted he was covered by Defence chief who escorted him to the presidential Benz which drove him to the waiting chopper.

As usual government media such as ZNBC did not mention the arrival of the president who, despite lining up police officers all the way to State House, decided to connect to State House using the presidential chopper.

Government is still determined to keep the medical trip a top secret but sources that were in the same plane with the president said the Head of State looked  unwell.

President Sata’s medical trip to UK and India was meant to be secret until it was revealed by the Zambian watchdog.

Government media such as Daily PF, Times of PF, ZNBC PF, and PF Post have all remained quiet about the trip.

The PF Post attempted to mislead the public by saying the president arrived from AU soon after the summit, but the whole cover-up proved unsustainable forcing government Spokesperson and Information Minister Kennedy Sakeni to mildly say the president was somewhere reflecting alone after hard work.

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