Sata sneaks out of the country again, destination unknown

Sata sneaks out of the country again, destination unknown

Ailing Zambia dictator t Michael Sata las evening (Thursday)sneaked out of the country for an unknown destination, the Watchdog has been informed.

State House sources have disclosed that Mr. Sata left the home country at about 20:15 local time for a trip he should have undertaken a few weeks ago. So far, it seems that Sata headed for London for medical treatment. During the parliamentary by-election in Chipata, Solwezi and Kafulafuta, the Watchdog was informed  that Sata was due for more jabs but postponed the trip after the exposure. His handlers decided to frequently show him in public as a way of dispelling the exposure.

He was actually supposed to leave in the  morning yesterday but a teaser on the Watchdog Facebook fan page  (which is extremely popular) that someone would be leaving for medication in UK shocked State House. But having deferred the trip for so long, it was not possible to postpone it again but just move it to the evenning. His advance party left for UK on Tuesday.

Instead of the usual Independence Avenue where Police Officers were lined up as early as 17 hours, Sata’s motorcade used the Alick Nkhata avenue through Thabo Mbeki Road enroute to the Lusaka International Airport via Arcades Traffic Circle (Round about).

Sata’s unannounced trip comes at a time he was expected to open the Lusaka Agriculture and Commercial Show on Saturday (August 3)  as per tradition together with another foreign Head of State. So far other presidents have shunned such events from the time Sata became president.

The Zambian president was recently involved in hectic by-election campaign programme where his PF party performed badly and was reportedly not functioning well in his office since the humiliation loss.

The president leaves behind a nation that is facing a serious budget over-run, a poached minister from opposition discarding his PF government by resigning, and a bickering PF political party complaining over the by-election loss.

It is so far not clear how long he will be out of the country but as usual, it is possible that his photos would be posted on State House website showing that he is ‘wooing’ investors somewhere.

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