Sata speaks for only 20 minutes at Solwezi rally

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) leader Michael Sata on Tuesday held a rally in Solwezi where he promised to empower police officers and develop the North-Western Province headquarters if he was elected into office,according to the Times of Zambia.

Mr Sata only spoke for about 20 minutes and ordered that the national anthem be sang, signalling the end of the rally.

He said he had gone to Solwezi because some people were spreading rumours that he was sick and could not stand.

“I’m not sick, those saying so are just lying,” Mr Sata said. The PF leader arrived at the Solwezi showgrounds at 15:50 hours and immediately the audience was led into singing the national anthem, after which some provincial leaders were introduced to the crowd.

After short remarks by Mr Sata’s campaign manager Willie Nsanda, a Chanda Kasolo and Samuel Mukupa, the PF leader was called to address the expectant crowd.

Mr Sata said Solwezi had not developed even when it was a mining town. He said the district did not have tarred roads and that there had been no new hospital built in the area.

The PF leader said if elected as president, he would ensure that police officers were given more houses because they had not benefitted from the housing empowerment programme of the MMD Government. He said if his party formed government, it would look after the poor.

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