Sata spotted in Dubai, awaiting connection flight to somewhere

President Michael Sata who sneaked out of State House through one of the newly erected gates on his way to Lusaka International airport was this morning spotted at Dubai International Airport disembarking from the Emirates Flight from Lusaka.

Mr. Sata who left the country without a known official government programme outside the country was reportedly awaiting another Emirates Airline connection flight to some yet to be confirmed destination.

Mr. Sata who has been bragging that he was enjoying good health during the recent hectic by-election campaigns which his party terribly lost, has so far not disclosed where he is going as per normal procedure, especially that he is a public property spending tax-payers money.

He leaves behind a tight schedule such as opening of the Lusaka Agriculture and Commercial Show and is also expected to quickly come back and get into another hectic by-election programme which his PF government has been inducing through resignations and nullifying using Lombe Chibesakunda

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