Sata still behaves like a ward-chairman – Mtayachalo

CHAMA North MMD candidate in Thursday’s by-election Yotam Mtayachalo says President Michael Sata should address real issues instead of attacking personalities.

Reacting to President Sata’s sentiments that he was looking for a job because he was jobless, Mtayachalo said the President should concentrate on campaigning for his candidate January Zimba whom he claimed was no match to him.

He said President Sata must realise that he was a head of state and that people expect issues of substance from him.

“For him (President Sata) to lower himself to a level of a ward chairman it’s very, very unfortunate. We expect the head of state to be above petty politics. I am wondering his sources of information because it is a big embarrassment for a President not to have information about a candidate. In the first place, Mr Sata knows very well that I am not a job seeker. I was retired handsomely from Zesco and I run businesses in Chama and Ndola, so I am not a job seeker at all,” Mtayachalo said.

He said it does not mean that when people aspire for office they are job seekers.

Mtayachalo said he was very different from the PF candidate.

“He (Zimba) is not my match. I have invested in Chama… (Zimba) has no investment in Chama. Now who is a job seeker, because I am a businessman and a politician? President Sata has de-campaigned his own candidate in Chama,” he said.

Mtayachalo appealed to President Sata to look for a cotton market which the MMD ably provided when it was in power.

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