Sata still confused and haunted with the snake killed in his office

Sata still confused and haunted with the snake killed in his office

The poisonous snake that was found and killed at State House, in president Michael Sata’s office is still haunting him (Mr. Sata) to a point where these days he feels unease to work alone in the office, and his lack of attention to issues has worsened.

Impeccable sources from within State House have told the Watchdog that the snake issue was so freighting and real that the president himself saw it after State House staff  killed it from his office, and was later traced as work of black magic or witchcraft by PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba.

“It so happened that the president was in his office for a while a week before he left for China in April. Then he left his office for some other place within State House and while walking, he realized he had forgotten something in his office. He sent one of his State House security officers to bring it from his table and it was at that time that the officer screamed ‘snake’ and runaway” sources said.

Sources said State House staff then mobilized sticks and killed the snake right in the president’s office while he was also waiting outside to see what was taking place.

“When the snake was taken out, the president saw it and was visibly shaken as he started murmuring something that was not audible enough, but related to witchcraft. He was at least heard asking one of the State House Officials as to who brought the snake in his office”, sources said.

On investigations, deputy PF secretary general Bridget Attanga, wife to Muyenga Attanga (PS Communications and Transport) and other senior PF members told the president that Mr. Kabimba and his friends had hired a witchdoctor from Kalabo (Western province) who has was staying at Mr. Kabimba’s house.

“That’s how the president learnt about the presence of the witchdoctor at Kabimba’s house who was alleged to have sent the mysterious poisonous snake to him,” PF insiders said.

Sources said since then, the president has been trying to find a way of distancing himself from Mr. Kabimba and has of late been very close to Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) who seems to be the only one who frequents his office.

“Perhaps this explains why there has been more hatred by the cartel members towards GBM, but reality is that the man has not been the same as he always looks more confused, lacks attention on anything, even on strait forward issues, especially in public meetings. You can hardly discuss or conversate anything coherent with him for even a minute before he veers off the topic or just starts pointing at something totally unrelated,” sources said.

Sources said the president’s increased lack of attention, incoherent speech, and seemingly confused state is the reason some ministers and government officials just implement their own policies without consulting him or anyone because they get impatient and have no trust in his guidance and authority as he sometimes just blasts them or tells them to go and do whatever they think is correct.

“The snake issue could also be reason he was upset with the brown grass at State House around that same time,” sources said.

While swearing in Southern province minister Daniel Munkombwe, an elderly former MMD minister who once served under Kaunda’s UNIP party, President Sata appeared confused and seems to have forgotten that Munkombwe had already been sworn in five times. Reminded of this point by Vice President Guy Scott, President Sata awkwardly stated, “Now who am I supposed to trust between you and Munkombwe, because both of you are the same. You are both old, the only difference between the two of you is your skin colour.”

At this point, President Sata appeared to lose interest in the proceedings, and began berating the State House staff for not watering the lawn. He asked Mr. Kasanda, the deputy secretary to Cabinet, why the lawn was turning brown outside the window.

“Why is my grass brown? There is a lot of water at State House but you find the grass is dry, it’s now brown. Anyway very soon I will start pruning human beings who are not doing their job,” said Sata.

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During labour day celebrations, Sata made reference to the witchcraft going on in his PF camp that want to succeed him though he said they were ‘small’ people.

In a live televised programme at Freedom Statue,  Sata said “And today Mr. Nevers Mumba is not here…..Mr. HH is not here because they are ashamed they have been preaching Sata is dying…….does a dying man look like me?

And even if I die………even if I dropped dead because my life belongs to God. We have too many leaders in PF who can take over from me. They (PF leaders) are not fighting but they are waiting. They (PF leaders) try their witchcraft but it can’t beat that witchcraft from Mpika. Mr. Edgar Lungu goes to Petauke but the witchcraft in Petauke is very light it can’t touch me….so go and tell them Mr. Sata is still alive.

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Mr. Sata has also been getting more confused especially with people with baldheads as he openly condemns the practice at any occasion as was the case during the labour day celebrations when he spent a lot of time talking about people with baldheads.

And in April this year, Mr. Sata also shocked the diplomats when he chased a State House official who was spotting grey hair as he mistook it to be baldhead. The diplomats murmured among themselves from the entrance of the auditorium where they were standing, forcing State House protocol to ask them to be quiet.

“Who is that man there? You, where is your hair, what are you doing here. Ba Chalabesa (his senior principal private secretary). Can you get this man out of here. I don’t want to see him at State House again,” President Sata said.

He said no State House employee or senior civil servant is allowed to have a baldhead.

“When I was a young man, when you don’t have hair it meant that either your wife is dead or you have run out of prison. How can you have a senior civil servant who has no hair on his head? Get him out and send him to Cabinet let him work from there, he is not fit to work at State House,” he said.

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And recently at the African Union summit, Mr. Sata was even booed in presence of other African Heads of States when again in confusion he started talking about people with baldheads during deliberations on disability.

He said “while talking about disability, don’t forget about the people without hair on their heads,” he said as all other presidents attending the meeting looked down in shame considering that people like South Africa leader Jacob Zuma was spotting a bald head at the meeting.

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