Sata still experimenting his top officials three years after taking office

Sata still experimenting his top officials three years after taking office

Ailing dictator Michael Sata has continued experimenting with his government by continuously shuffling Permanent Secretaries.

As revealed by the Zambianwatchdog yesterday,

Sata swearing in Ngandu

Sata swearing in Ngandu

Sata actually dismissed deputy Bank of Zambia (BOZ) governor Bwalya Nga’ndu, but as an after-thought re-appointed him as Finance Permanent Secretary with a view to take over from Alexander Chikwanda.

But following the Zambianwatchdog revelation of this plot, Sata further demoted Bwalya Nga’ndu to the position of Permanent Secretary for Works and Supply.

Other sources also say Sata has transferred newly appointed Finance Permanent Secretary Bwalya N’gandu to the Ministry of Works and Supply because First Lady Christine Kaseba does not want him to work with her brother in-law Fredson Yamba who is the Secretary to the Treasury.
Kaseba is reportedly grooming Yamba to be Minister of Finance. Yamba the owner of Momas Night Clubs and Bars is married to the First Lady’s young sister

Financial wise, Bwalya Nga’ndu was getting far more at BOZ than he will be getting as a civil servant in charge of Works and Supply, though his position there is also temporal as he is still headed to Ministry of Finance, perhaps by the time he is being sworn-on.

At the Ministry of Works and Supply, Sata fired Fred Mmembe and Mutembo Nchito’s former employee Bernard Chiwala and compatriot Charity Kaande-Ngoma for unexplained reasons.

Bernard Chiwala is former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the defunct Zambian Airways that was owned by Mmembe and Nchito, the company they used as a proxy to swindle K14 billion from Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ).

When PF came into office, the cartel of Mmembe and Nchito recommended Mr. Chiwala to head the Roads Development Agency (RDA) before Sata again moved him as PS for works.

Mr. Sata, who is now reportedly suffering memory lapses, has also swapped Ministry of Health permanent secretary Dr. Peter Mwaba with his Home affairs counterpart Dr. Misheck Chikamata.

Chikamata has just been at Home Affairs for less than four months after taking over from dismissed Max Nkole, if we have also not suffered our memory lapse, but at least you can forgive us because the changes are too much to remember.

Other casualties of Mr. Sata’s memory lapses are the swapping of Amos Malupenga with Augustine Seyuba in Western and North Western Province.

Malupenga has only been in Western province for about four months, where his main achievement was basically to marry off a couple that shares close to 200 years between them.

Zambianwatchdog has always been reporting that the best way to cope with Sata is to keep your bags packed all the time.

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