Sata still in shock over UPND departure

Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata is still in shock that the UPND pulled out the alliance with his party.
Contacts close to Sata say the veteran politician did not take the decision by the UPND well and is blaming his advisors for misleading him.
Sources say the PF had deliberately embarked on a media campaign to intimidate UPND president Hakainde Hichilema to back down on his presidential ambitions and give way to Sata. The onslaught was to be led by PF secretary General Wynter Kabimba using PF allied newspapers.

Kabimba, in the picture with Sata, carried out the assignment with extreme zeal.

He even wrote a letter to UPND president Hakainde Hichilema stating that the people of Southern province use their tribe not their brain to think. The UPND, its said, plan to make copies of this letter and distribute it.
Sata, say PF sources, never thought the UPND would actually pull out.
But the project backfired. Even newspapers allied to the PF have not evened reported the demise of the pact.
On the day the UPND national executive committee was meeting to formally withdraw, Sata was informed and went from radio station to the other saying that the pact was intact.
Even when the UPND held a press conference to announce that they are no longer interested in the pact, Sata still believes there is a pact, a fact sources say is due to the shock.
Monday evening, Sata was quoted on Muvi TV saying the pact has not collapsed maintaining that it is still in existence.
Sata said the PF has not yet received any formal letter indication of the UPND’s withdrawal from the pact.
Sata, according to people very close to him is convinced he can only win the presidency with UPND under him.
His subordinates are currently trying to encourage him that he can win alone, but having lost three times, Sata seems to know better.

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