Sata swears in judges appointed by M’membe

President Michael Sata this morning swore in two judges appointed by Fred M’emembe.
The Zambian Watchdog reported last year that Post Newspapers owner Fred Mmembe had been calling lawyers that he had promised to influence President Sata to appoint as High Court Judges.
That report was today fulfilled when Sata swore in Mr. Martin Musaluke and Mrs.Maka Chilombo Phiri as High Court Judge.
Mr. Musaluke who is a partner to President Sata’s nephew Anthony Kasolo in a law firm called called MSK Advocates will be at the Industrial Relations Court, while Maka Chilombo Phiri former Registrar of the High Court is now a High Court Judge.
MSK stands for Musaluke and Kasolo. Musaluke apart from being a partner to Kasolo who is also PF Member of Central Committee is also the lawyer for Xavier Chungu former Director General of the Office of the President Special Division.
Maka Chilombo Phiri apart from being close to Judge Albert Wood and Post Newspapers owner Fred Mmembe is also one of the first witnesses in the Judge Chikopa tribunal. She is the person who together with Albert Wood testified gainst Judge Charles Kajimanga and Nigel Mutuna before the tribunal was stopped through an application for Judicial review. Chilombo Phiri is also the lady at the center of the High Court report sent to the Electoral Commission of Zambia that brought controversy at the blocking of former Petauke Central Member of Parliament Dora Siliya and others from re-contesting their seats. She was then High Court Registrar who wanted Siliya and others barred based on a Press Statement. Zambian Watchdog in July last year published a report that Mmembe was going to appoint Judges through a proxy called President Sata. Both names of the people sworn in today appear on that list. Some more are going to be appointed.

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